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Energy and nuclear power

We have a long-standing commercial relationship with major players of the aerospace and defense industry


Many of our companies work significantly for these two fields of excellence of French industry:

  • BETRI produces mechanical and forged assemblies and sub-assemblies for civil nuclear power, military nuclear, cryogenics and oil-related. The company is a strategic supplier for several major customers in the industry, such as operators (EDF, …), OEMs (AREVA, ROLLS-ROYCE, ALSTOM, …) or research centers (CEA, …). BETRI provides comprehensive developments with custom-made specifications through its department of research and prototyping. The company also masters hardfacing, reverse engineering, and work on-site.
  • COLLET-AMBLARD produces mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies for nuclear power, hydropower and oil-related. In coordination with BETRI, COLLET-AMBLARD works for several large companies in the sector (AREVA, ROLLS-ROYCE, …) and has specific capabilities for machining hard metals from medium to large dimensions.
  • APS designs, produces and applies technical coatings by drying process to the automotive industry. APS masters several types of internal processes such as the manual and automatic projection of liquid spray and powder, tempered-centrifuged, thermal spraying (HVOF, plasma, cold-spray), plating …

Our companies have many industry certifications (CEFRI, COFREND 2 QSP, HN3, RCCM, ASME, …) and mostly work in delegation of control.

 We are significant members of PNB, which is the cluster of nuclear industry

 Our significant companies  in the energy  and nuclear power sector

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