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Precision mechanics

Through MECAPOLE, several companies master, for a wide variety of materials, precision machining of complex mechanical parts from all dimensions.

Our companies have the approvals and certifications needed to work construction steel, stainless, aluminum, titanium, etc.

Park machine from all companies has over 150 CNC machines (Turning, milling, grinding, honing, gear cutting …).

Our companies master the entire manufacturing process from procurement of raw materials to special processes and end controls (ten 3D control machines). They provide the material and process traceability required by the most demanding applications in terms of security and safety.

Most of our companies also provide benefits from structuring complex subassemblies including, if necessary, other technology from companies pole.

Companies from MECAPOLE’s network controlling precision machining:

• BETRI conducts studies for special machines for the chemical or nuclear industries, and manufactures parts and precision mechanical assemblies, special fittings and sheet metal assemblies. BETRI manufactures following the RCCM , RCCM-R, CODAP, DESP and the ASMEE codes and works on nuclear sites which are under repair

• COLLET AMBLARD makes parts and mechanical assemblies of high accuracy for hydraulic, nuclear and aerospace markets.

• COUSSO, CURTIL and LABASA manufactures mechanical parts of high precision for civil and military aeronautics with a delegation of control

• MPS is a specialist of security forged / machined parts for the rail industry that are delivered to OEMs, operational network and maintenance workshops (rolling stock and infrastructure)